template< class... Args >
iterator emplace_after( const_iterator pos, Args&&... args );
(since C++11)

Inserts a new element into a position after the specified position in the container. The element is constructed in-place, i.e. no copy or move operations are performed. The constructor of the element is called with exactly the same arguments, as supplied to the function.

No iterators or references are invalidated.


[edit] Parameters

pos - iterator after which the new element will be constructed
args - arguments to forward to the constructor of the element

[edit] Return value

iterator to the new element.

[edit] Complexity


[edit] Exceptions

If an exception is thrown (e.g. by the constructor), the container is left unmodified, as if this function was never called (strong exception guarantee).

[edit] See also

inserts elements after an element
(public member function)