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int_type sgetc();

Reads one character from the input sequence.

If the input sequence read position is not available, returns underflow(). Otherwise returns Traits::to_int_type(*gptr()).


[edit] Parameters


[edit] Return value

The value of the character pointed to by the get pointer.

[edit] Example

#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
int main()
    std::stringstream stream("Hello, world");
    std::cout << "sgetc() returned '" << (char)stream.rdbuf()->sgetc() << "'\n"
              << "peek() returned '" << (char)stream.peek() << "'\n"
              << "get() returned '" << (char)stream.get() << "'\n";


sgetc() returned 'H'
peek() returned 'H'
get() returned 'H'

[edit] See also

reads one character from the input sequence and advances the sequence
(public member function)
advances the input sequence, then reads one character without advancing again
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