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Defined in header <complex>
template< class T >
T real( const complex<T>& z );
(1) (until C++14)
template< class T >
constexpr T real( const complex<T>& z );
(1) (since C++14)
long double real( long double z );
(2) (since C++11)
template< class DoubleOrInteger >
double real( DoubleOrInteger z );
(3) (since C++11)
float real( float z );
(4) (since C++11)

Returns the real component of the complex number z, i.e. z.real().

Additional overloads are provided for float, double, long double, and all integer types, which are treated as complex numbers with zero imaginary component. (since C++11)

[edit] Parameters

z - complex value

[edit] Return value

the real component of z

[edit] See also

accesses the real part of the complex number
(public member function)
returns the imaginary component
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