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size_type copy( CharT* dest,

                size_type count,

                size_type pos = 0) const;

Copies a substring [pos, pos+count) to character string pointed to by dest. If the requested substring lasts past the end of the string, or if count == npos, the copied substring is [pos, size()). The resulting character string is not null-terminated.

If pos >= size(), std::out_of_range is thrown.


[edit] Parameters

dest - pointer to the destination character string
pos - position of the first character to include
count - length of the substring

[edit] Return value

number of characters copied

[edit] Exceptions

std::out_of_range if pos >= size().

[edit] Complexity

linear in count

[edit] Example

#include <string>
#include <iostream>
int main()
  std::string foo("quuuux");
  char bar[7];
  foo.copy(bar, sizeof bar);
  bar[6] = '\0';
  std::cout << bar << '\n';



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